Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our Top Reasons Why Barbados is the Best Caribbean Island!

With it's glorious white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets, Barbados is one of the world's most desirable destinations. A rich and fascinating history combined with some incredibly varied culture and the friendliest locals, we would recommend a trip to the Bajan island to everyone!

Here are our Top Reasons Why Barbados is the Best Caribbean Island

The Food

Barbados includes a wide variety of unique and diverse flavours with influences taken from all over the world including Africa, India and England. The island has so many restaurants to choose from and you're sure to find culinary delights on every corner from five star fine dining to locally run businesses, excelling in authentic cuisine.

Waterfront Restaurants; a dream view over dinner.

Flying Fish; a famous Bajan delicacy!


Rum is a massive part of the culture in Barbados. Perfected during the 17th century, there are more than 1,500 roadside bars along the island and they're incredibly proud of their product. Rum tours and local distilleries are an interesting look into the historical side of the Bajan tipple. Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum brand in the world, established in 1703. 

Just one of the many rum bars you're sure to encounter!

Mount Gay; 'The rum that invented rum.'

The Culture

Barbados has a fascinating historical, ecological and archaeological background. Some of the buildings are built with pink and white coral and the island is steeped with colonial history, adding some extra depth to your visit. St Nicholas Abbey is a 350 year old property that served as a sugar plantation and is a well-preserved historical residence. 

St Nicholas Abbey; the grounds & exterior

The People

When you speak to anyone who's visited Barbados, there will always be a mention about the people who live there. The locals are warm and welcoming to tourists, something that isn't seen as much in other destinations. The majority are friendly, laid back and happy-go-lucky which just adds to the atmosphere of this slice of paradise.

When in Barbados, do as the locals do!

The Nightlife

Whilst the locals on the island are laid back, they still know how to party. Barbados' nightlife is as exciting as you'd imagine. Plenty of bars and clubs fill the skies with music and laughter. St Lawrence's Gap (also known as the Gap) has everything from Irish pubs to Italian bistros and lots of live music. Holetown is on the west side of the island whilst 2nd Street in St James provides even more to choose from!

Crop Over Festival

The most popular and colourful festival dates back to the 1780's and marks the success of a sugar cane harvest. Spreading through May to August, this beautiful celebration is full of music, dancing, arts and crafts and street fares. It's also the perfect place to spot celebrities with Rihanna, Lewis Hamilton and more being spotted enjoying the festivities. 

Crop Over Festival; a sea of laughter, music and dance!

The Perfect Opportunity for Celebrity Spotting!

The Sea Turtles

With a very healthy population of leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles, Barbados is home to these beautiful creatures and if you're lucky enough, you can see these critters hatch from their eggs and make their way down to the beach and into the sea!

Watch a truly memorable experience when the babies hatch

Snorkeling with sea turtles sounds perfect to us!

The Beaches

Barbados has approximately 60 beaches all boasting pristine, white sand and crystal clear, naturally clean waters. If you're after more sun bathing, gentle swimming and wind-surfing then the Platinum Coast is the best place. Surfing is perfect in East Coast where the Soup Bowl is located. 

So many things to do!

Have we planted the seed for a perfect Bajan trip?
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Our 5 Recommended Cocktail Bars on the West Coast..

The west coast of Barbados has a host of wonderful bars to enjoy whether you're after a few cocktails with your significant other or a starting point for a night out on the town. The beautiful surroundings and positive atmosphere will make sure you never forget your Bajan nightlife experience - no matter how many cocktails you indulge in...

Here are our 5 Recommended Cocktail Bars on the West Coast 

1. Red Door Lounge - Holetown
Open from 8pm until the early hours - Wednesday-Sunday 

Red Door Lounge is an uber-stylish lounge and bar with an upscale yet urban vibe. Situated on the renowned Second Street in Holetown, Red Door is fast becoming one of the island's trendiest nightspots to visit. 

The intimate atmosphere and glamorous setting make it the perfect place to mingle with friends and dance the night away. 

There's always time for cocktails and tapas before the lively DJ sessions or live musicians transform the place into the late night hot spot to be seen in.

2. Lime Bar - Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown
Open all week apart from Mondays - 10am until the early hours

Lime Bar has become the premier bar on the west coast of Barbados. Situated in the first courtyard of the Limegrove's luxurious facility, Lime Bar provides a great spot for meeting and making new friends.

They offer live entertainment every week with the best selection of musicians and DJ's. 

3. Ju Ju's Beach Bar - Bridgetown
Open - All the time!

Located slightly further down the west coast in Bridgetown, Ju Ju's Beach Bar is set off the main road and, as the same suggests, is right on the beach. Just north of the Fairmont Royal Pavillion, Ju Ju's relaxed vibe is a hit with locals and high profile visitors. 

Serving ice cold beverages and delicious local food, Ju Ju's is one of the west coast's hidden gems that ticks all of the right boxes. 

To top it off, this beach location not only allows you to dip your toes in the sand whilst you drink, it will also give you some of the most breathtaking sunset views in all of Barbados.

Open Every Day - 5pm until late

Enjoy some of the most delectable cocktails Barbados has to offer in the most sophisticated of surroundings. Inspired by the ocean itself, Drift Ocean Terrace is right by the beach, providing you with the incredible views of the west coast.

The atmosphere is perfect for unwinding after a long day in the sun or if you're celebrating a very special event. 

5. Scarlet - Payne's Bay, St James
Open Tuesday through to Saturdays 
Closed Sundays & Mondays

A modern bistro bar with a delightful Caribbean flare. Scarlet provide amazing cocktails that perfectly complement the low-key decor and contemporary dining choices. 

Decorated in a glorious crimson red, inside and out, this funky bar is a refreshing alternative to the rich nightlife Barbados boasts. 

Even more tempted to visit Barbados?

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Our Favourite Things To Do On The Island

This is the time where we'll see lots of celebrities posting pictures making us all insanely jealous while they are soaking up some Caribbean sunshine.....

You may be wondering what else the island of Barbados has to offer other than beautiful blue waters and soft white sand, so here are just a few of our favourite things to do whilst on the Platinum Coast.......

1. Swim with turtles

Looking at Barbados from a different perspective... 
If you love turtles like we do, then you wont want to miss out on the opportunity to swim with them! It's a great activity for the whole family, it's best booked with a catamaran cruise (which is next on our list!) Barbados is very proud of their marine environment, the turtles are monitored under the Barbados Sea Turtle Project for their protection, so tourists are encouraged to treat them with great respect.

2. Catamaran cruise

 Image Provided by the Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc

What better way to explore the island than on a Catamaran? A wonderful day out, and a perfect opportunity to soak up the sunshine. it's inclusive of drinks, food and snorkeling equipment, what more could we want? If you'd prefer a more relaxing trip take a romantic cruise of an evening and enjoy the sunset. Companies including, Cool Runnings and Tiami Catamaran Cruises offer these fabulous experiences! 

3. Harrisons Cave

In the heart of Barbados is Harrisons Cave - a beautiful limestone cavern. 
There are numerous ways to explore the cave, you can take a tour via a tram, where a tour guide will point out various structures,clear streams and stunning waterfalls, and if you wish, you can choose to step off for a closer look, or you can take the walk in option, whichever you decide its a memorable experience! 

4. Mount Gay Rum tour

Spending the day tasting rum, perfect! 
The Mount Gay Visitor Experience is located in Bridgetown, where there are 5 different tours you can choose from, ranging from food pairing, to cocktails. You get to experience the history of Mount Gay Rum, Barbados' most celebrated spirit whilst enjoying it at the same time - definitely worth a visit. 

5. Wildlife Reserve

Adorable animals in their natural habitat! 
Unlike a zoo, visitors have a unique opportunity to wander freely, whilst watching the animals as they eat and play, in their natural sanctuary. The islands famous Green Monkey's in particular are popular in the afternoon, at feeding time which is around 2pm, you'll also see an array of animals, including peacocks, deer, land turtles and tropical birds.  We could easily spend a couple of hours here, so are sure you could too, especially if you're taking young children they will love it! (Do resist temptation to feed or touch them though, they are wild animals and could defend themselves if they feel threatened)  

The list for us is endless, but these are our top 5! 

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Top 5 Reasons To Visit Barbados

It goes without saying that Barbados is our favourite Caribbean Island, but here are just a handful of reasons why....

The People 

Its a known fact that Bajan people are some of the friendliest in the world! With a welcoming and laid back culture you'll be sure to see plenty of smiles & lots of laughter. Its part of the islands charm, and makes it a definite favourite tourist destination. 

The Beaches 

Crisp blue waters, soft white sand, blaring sunshine, is the ideal image of a relaxing beach, Barbados beaches are truly beautiful whether you want a peaceful day sunbathing, or a day of water sports you can do both! What more could you want? Well, actually this leads on to our next reason.....

The Best Rum Punch! 

Now, you'd be mad to go to Barbados without trying their famous rum punch! Fruity deliciousness, with a good kick! Once you've had one, you'll be hooked and happily sipping the night away.
(warning - take it easy, they are stronger than you think!)

The Turtles 

A popular one for the bucket list!
 Turtle spotting, & swimming with turtles are the most wonderful experiences for the whole family, creating fantastic memories. A chance to visit these fascinating creatures in their own environment, not one to be missed! 

The Sunsets 

Whether you're on a romantic trip, or a family holiday make sure you watch the sunset! 
Take a stroll along the beach, or find a beach front restaurant (better still, from one of our beachfront villas!) and take in the array of colours and beauty, its a perfect Instagram opportunity! 

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*Images provided by the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Foodie Guide To Barbados

When it comes to finding great food on your travels the Caribbean island of Barbados may be small but it has a big variety of amazing foods and flavours! From lobster spring rolls to the Worlds best (we promise) macaroni pie; Barbados is a fantastic foodie haven with unforgettable restaurants, cafes and beach shacks serving Delicious local and international dishes you wont be able to resist.

In this guide to the best foodie hot-spots in Barbados, we will reveal five restaurants that might not be the most publicised or famous but offer the very best food that we have found on our trips around the island, all served up with beautiful sea views.

13/59 Port Ferdinand

Port Ferdinand is a prestigious yet welcoming luxury resort where visitors and owners can park their private yacht at their front door. The menu at 13/59 is ever changing and evolving with each season with imaginative and innovate style dishes whether you visit just for a relaxed brunch or an evening of live music and high-end dining.

The tables are booked for the night, so when you arrive, you can stay with your guests all evening if you wish. The atmosphere has a lovely relaxed elegance and the Barbecued pork buns, lobster popcorn, eggs Benedict, grilled lobster tail are some of the delectable delights to taste whilst dining by the relaxing marina. 

Round House Barbados

Located in the historic, rugged east coast of Barbados in the stunning Bathsheba; Round House has been a popular restaurant with both locals and visitors for 100 years! The unique scenic location with commanding views over the Atlantic coast, just one minute walk to the famous 'Soup Bowl' surfers paradise beach. 

This popular restaurant offers casual dining all day long with a menu that emphasizes fresh, and locally-sourced ingredients for its signature soups, salads, and sandwiches. We recommend sitting outside to see some of the best views on the island as well as watching the surfers take on the waves.

Nishi Barbados

Dine under the stars as you enjoy Nishi's award-winning British, Caribbean and Japanese dishes. Owned by British hosts Paul and Steve, this award-winning restaurant has mastered the British classics such as the humble pork pie as well as earning a reputation for their fabulous traditional sushi bar and latest trends in Japanese cuisine. 

With three dining areas you will be spoilt for choice with three dining areas to choose from but we recommend dining in the courtyard offering a relaxed atmosphere to mingle and have a lovely evening with friends. The menu reflects the owners 'passion for good food, good wine and the good life'. The flavours are inspired by tropical fruits and vegetables and the bounty of the Caribbean sea! 

The Atlantis Hotel

This is one of our favourite restaurants on the island, especially for their Sunday lunch buffet! The Atlantis hotel overlooks the stunning Tent Bay in Bathsheba and is synonymous with high quality food and sunset cocktails. 

The legendary buffets are held every Wednesday and Sunday when these feasts of Bajan delight are popular with locals as well as visitors to the island. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner - this sea view restaurant offers appetising food dramatic coastal setting and incredible cocktails for a deliciously authentic Barbados experience. 

Apsara Samudra

Think that it's just Caribbean/American or European style food in the Barbados? Think again! Apsara Samudra is a renowned Indian and Thai fine dining restaurant in St Lawrence's Gap. This beautiful, waters edge restaurant serves up delicious, authentic Asian cuisine cooked up by the Thai and Indian born chefs...so they know their stuff! 
The atmosphere and food are magical as you outside on the tropical terraces looking out to the gentle lapping waves of the Caribbean sea. 

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Monday, 26 September 2016

The Top 5 Barbados Family Holiday Villas

Family holidays can create some of your favourite memories that will stay with you forever, no matter what age. Are you dreaming whisking your loved ones off to paradise? Leave the miserable weather, everyday routine and stressful office to spend quality time with your loved ones in one of the happiest places on earth - Barbados! Play on the beach 'til sunset, swim with tropical fish and sea turtles and explore the lush green rain-forests as you enjoy a truly memorable and relaxing holiday for all the family in Barbados.

For some inspiration we have hand-picked our top five, favourite luxury family villas for you. 

Villa Sunwatch

2 pools and connecting water slide
Childrens play house
Bright open spaces with inside and outside dining areas
6 bedrooms
View Villa Sunwatch on our website for more details and images. 

Villa Bluff House

Close to tennis, golf, watersports
Access to the beach
Butler, cook, maid
6 bedrooms
View Villa Bluff House on our website for more details and images.  

Villa West Haven 

Direct beach access
Great outside lounge area
Close to shops and amenities
4 bedrooms
View Villa Westhaven on our website for more details and images.  

Villa Casablanca

Private tennis court
Swimming pool
Access to Sandy Lane golf club and beach club
7 bedrooms
View Villa Casablanca on our website for more details and images. 

Villa Calliaqua

BBQ area
Large pool
Near golf and restaurant
5 bedrooms
View Villa Calliaqua on our website for more details and images.  

Barbados is not just a holiday destination for grown ups. There is plenty to experience, see and enjoy for the little ones too! What better place to introduce the kids to new cultures, cuisines and activities than the best Caribbean island? Forget the stress of trying to find a sunbed at the busy hotel pool or having to put up the sofa bed every night and instead, find your perfect private, home from home with a luxury child friendly villa that all the family will love! 
Contact our award-winning Barbados specialists today, who have unrivaled knowledge of the island and the best villas available!