Thursday, 25 May 2017

Our Favourite Romantic Places to Propose in Barbados

As one of the most idyllic destinations in the world, where better to pop the question to your significant other than the beautiful island of Barbados.

The white sands and aquamarine waters provide that perfect tropical setting for an ultimate romantic marriage proposal. 

Here are our Favourite Romantic Places to Propose in Barbados

Sandy Lane Beach

Imagine the calm Caribbean Sea lapping gently against the soft sand whilst the sun sets on the horizon. Sounds amazing, right?
Situated on the Platinum Coast, Sandy Lane beach provides exceptional views to inspire the greatest shows of romance. 

Catamaran Cruise

Bridgetown offers some incredible catamaran cruises  where you can spend the day swimming with the adorable sea turtles or the schools of colourful fish. A magical way to present your soul mate with a very special piece of jewellery!


If a unique proposal is your goal, why not try an underwater theme? Snorkels are great in the calm and shallow waters or you could try scuba diving to create even more unforgettable memories. 

Bottom Bay

A scenic and secluded location fringed with palm trees and hidden away. Bottom Bay is on the south east coast of Barbados and can be that dream-like option for your proposal. Take a picnic, unwind and relax as the sun sets beyond the sea.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Barbados Festival Calendar

The tropical island of Barbados is home to the liveliest of cultures, a happy-go-lucky way of life and the most gorgeous scenery. Music and laughter are some of the main reasons why people flock to visit there as well as the beautiful sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and of course, the rum!

With their famous parties and fun filled entertainment, Barbados fills the calendar with an array of exciting and engaging events.

Barbados Festival Calendar


A fantastic boat race around the island where participants compete for the sheer pride of winning and the ability to claim bragging rights whilst wearing the red cap! Dating back to the 19th century, the race celebrates Mount Gay Rum, the oldest brand of rum in existence.

Attracting many international artists, the Barbados Jazz Festival is held mid-January and provides audiences with historical outdoor settings to enjoy the music by the beach. The final is held in the beautiful Farley Hill National Park.

The end of January sees the Barbados Music Awards glam up the island with red carpet glitz. The ceremony recognises talented Barbadian musicians with big name labels such as Atlantic, DEFJAM and Sony/BMG all having at least one musician from the island in their name. Massive star, Rihanna, made her debut at this event back in 2006.


Possibly the island's most well-known event, the Holetown Festival is a week long celebration that pays tribute to the first English settlers and produces a mix of fairs, theatre and musical performances. 

A bus journey around the town is the best way to take in everything going on. You're able to visit exhibitions at the Holetown Museum, the vintage car parade, the street fairs or listen to public lectures. Open air concerts are also put on by the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Barbados Defence Force bands. 


This amazing horse race is known for attracting large international crowds and is considered a major event with a stunning parade. 

Assembling music, theatre and comedy, the Holder's Season closely follows the Sandy Lane Gold Cup. Considered to be the time when Broadway comes to Barbados, the event was hosted by legendary opera singer, Pavarotti back in 1997. 

CHUM FM 104.5 are welcomed to the island all the way from Toronto, Canada for a live broadcast at Harbour Lights Nightclub on the south coast; attracting big names such as Michael Buble, Nelly Furtado and  Bryan Adams to perform. 

A 2 day festival held in Queens Park that celebrates the integral agriculture on the island. The event is especially popular with children as there is always lots of livestock for kids to pet and feed. 


Mount Gay/Sagicor Annual Game Fishing Tournament
Held over the 1st weekend of April, this tournament brings together anglers and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Heroes Day
The 28th of April is a public holiday in Barbados honouring the island's National Heroes.


May is the month of sporting events with the 1st of May being Labour Day

A week long celebration featuring local and international high performance vehicles racing at different stages. Motor rallying has become an incredibly popular sport in Barbados and this event shows exactly why. Audiences can watch the exhilarating races from the Vaucluse Raceway, a stunning natural amphitheater with views of the countryside, the tracks and the sea. 

A tribute to the large community of Celtic immigrants and the links between Barbados and the Celtic countries Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Award winning chefs cook up a storm and brilliant mixes of folk music are all present at this fantastic event. 

The premier regional festival dedicated to gospel music, culture and lifestyle. It promises world class gospel singers from local, regional and international choirs to celebrate the standard of excellence it's known for. 


The Sherbourne Conference Centre holds an exhibition run by interior design company, Habitat. Here you can see projects on environment services, home orientated products and constructions. 

Bajan Unifest Sporting Festival
A week long celebration of hockey, football, swimming, netball, tennis and cricket matches all held at the university campus. 


July is the home of the Crop Over Festival, starting with the Opening Gala. The Pic-O-De-Crop semi-finals are held mid-month and the finals are a week after. You can find out more details about this amazing festival in our dedicated blog post!


Kadooment Day 
The 1st Monday of August and is basically a massive street party! Full of glitzy costumes, live music, delicious food and plenty of rum, it's not to be missed. 

A week of hockey! Teams from Europe, the UK and North America all travel to Barbados to compete in games.


September is a quieter month after the celebrations of the summer but you can still find equally impressive and fun things to do.

Sizzlin' Sand Beach Volleyball
All the national volleyball compete on the gorgeous local sandy beaches.


A big surfing event where competitors hit the waves for a chance to win a place in the November International Championships.

Barbados Music Festival
Yet more joyous music celebrated on the island with genres covered from rock, blues, folk and of course, reggae acts flown in from the UK.


All the decorative lights are lit in Bridgetown to signify the beginning of the holiday season. An incredibly pretty sight to see.

Independence Pro Surfing Championships & Banks Pro Long Board Classic
Hosted at the famous Soup Bowl surfing spot on the 4th and 5th of November,  this major international surfing competition attracts world famous surfers to the island. 


Yet more sporty and energetic events lead to the festive period with the Run Barbados Marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10K and 4K walks all being held and featuring over 30 countries entering.

The Polo Season starts with events being held nearly every Sunday between December and May, promoting this already popular sport. 

Old Year's Night
A truly magnificent party to bring in the new year. Men are dressed in smart suits while the ladies glam up in beautiful evening gowns. Champagne is flowing, fireworks are going and everyone is guaranteed to end their year in spectacular style!

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Top 10 Beachfront Villas

The West Coast of Barbados is the place to visit for a truly unforgettable tropical retreat. With its gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and the happy-go-lucky lifestyle, people from all over the world flock to the island to soak up some of the most incredible experiences. 

So why not stay in a world-class luxurious villa on the beachfront so you can be close throughout your stay? 

We have handpicked some of our favourites to help inspire you! 

Top 10 Beachfront Villas

Villa Greensleeves, St James

- 9 En-Suite Bedrooms
- An additional villa; 'Blue Point' with 4 bedrooms
- Luxurious Swimming Pool with swim up bar
- Flood Lit Tennis Court
- In House Cinema

You can view Villa Greensleeves on our website for more details and images.

Villa Crystal Springs, St James

- 10 En-Suite Bedrooms
- 1.7 Acres of Landscaped Gardens
- Your Own Private Speedboat
- Panoramic Sea Views
- Beautiful Terraces with Outdoor Dining Areas

You can view Villa Crystal Springs on our website for more details and images.

Villa The Great House, St Peter

- 8 En-Suite Bedrooms
- 30ft Gray White Pleasure Boat with Array of Water Sports
- Elegant Traditional Colonial Style
- Landscaped Gardens
- Professional Staff

You can view Villa The Great House on our website for more details and images. 

Villa Mango Bay, St James

- 7 En-Suite Bedrooms
- Private Beach Terrace
- Tropical Gardens
- Open Dining Gazebo
- Panoramic Sea Views

You can view Villa Mango Bay on our website for more details and images. 

Villa The Dream, St James

- 5 En-Suite Bedrooms
- Luxurious Contemporary Design
- Two Bars including Pool Side Bar
- Close to Golf Courses, Shopping & Night Life
- Covered Terraces 

You can view Villa The Dream on our website for more details and images. 

Villa Footprints, St James

- 5 En-Suite Bedrooms
- Infinity Swimming Pool
- Unique Contemporary Architecture
- Gym
- Panoramic Sea Views

You can view Villa Footprints on our website for more details and images.

Villa Sandalo, St Peter 

- 5 En-Suite Bedrooms
- Direct Beach Access via Private Gate
- 30ft Swimming Pool
- Amazing Sea Views
- Traditional Style Caribbean Decor

You can view Villa Sandalo on our website for more details and images.

Villa Fustic House

- 7 En-Suite Bedrooms
- Colonial Style Property
- 11 Acres of Tropical Gardens
- Lagoon Swimming Pool
- Private Estate

You can view Villa Fustic House on our website for more details and images.

Villa Bonita

- 6 Bedrooms
- Swimming Pool
- Panoramic Sea Views
- Close to Golf Course, Holetown & Night Life
- Spacious Patio Terrace

You can view Villa Bonita on our website for more details and images

Villa Moon Reach

- 5 En-Suite Bedrooms
- Beautiful Swimming Pool
- Secluded Tropical Gardens
- Gym & Games Room
- Panoramic Sea Views

You can view Villa Moon Reach on our website for more details and images

With the perfect weather, gorgeous beaches and heavenly Caribbean Sea to enjoy, we hope we've inspired you to take a peek at this beautiful island for your next holiday!

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Barbados: Home of the Sea Turtles

Do you want to see Barbados from another perspective? Maybe you can view the tropical paradise the same way a turtle would...

Barbados: Home of the Sea Turtles

Barbados is where the hawksbill and the leatherback sea turtles call home and the healthy population is now protected and monitored closely to maintain their livelihood and importance to the eco-system. 

The island provides a range of tours and cruises focusing on these delightful creatures. Most tours take place on catamarans that provide guests with lunch, masks and snorkels. Enjoy the incredible scenery as you sail down the coastline, sipping delicious rum punches and indulging in a delicious lunch before snorkeling with the turtles. 

Turtles are very sociable creatures and tend to stay in the same area to ensure they follow a routine. They can be seen playing and feeding along the inshore reefs and certain monitored areas have meant that the animals have become accustomed to humans. 

Moonlight cruises are also available where you can see turtles nesting depending on the time of the year. Pregnant turtles come up from the water and lay their eggs in the soft sand on the shore. The eggs hatch into tiny newborns who make their way back to the sea. 

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP)

Established in 1987, this project promotes the conservation of sea turtles in Barbados and aims to maintain and educate the public about the importance of the sea turtles' survival. 
Made up of a joint activity between the Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences at the University of the West Indies, the Cave Hill Campus and the Fisheries Division in the government of Barbados, the group strives to enlighten people about the conservation efforts. 

They rely heavily upon the generosity of the public, the hotel staff and their guests to monitor the nesting and hatching activity happening on the beach during the season. Some local fishermen also feed and care for them as well as scraping barnacles of the shells and protecting nesting areas. 
The main season is normally between April and December with the main hatching happening during the winter. 

The project personnel assist with nightly surveillance of any beaches known to be nesting sites to protect potential babies being accidentally killed or the pregnant females being poached. They also tag and monitor turtles in near shore waters as well as satellite tracking post nesting turtles. The team include a 24hour response and monitor any signs of disease that can afflict the animals. 

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