Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Barbados Wins Best Caribbean Destination 2015

It’s been a brilliant year for the beautiful island of Barbados, which has reported the region’s fastest-growing tourism arrivals in large part due to a creative, digital-friendly push in the US market and the results of a restructured tourism marketing entity. 

Barbados has seen a 14.5 percent improvement in tourist arrivals so far this year, buoyed by a whopping 27.9 percent improvement in arrivals from the US. That success, coupled with a wave of new hotel and resort developments such as Port Ferdinandputs the island at the forefront of the region’s tourism sector. We’re proud to announce that  Caribbean Travel Awards have crowned Barbados the Caribbean Destination of the Year for 2015...We couldn't agree more - Take a look for yourself!

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Guide to the Barbados Food, Wine & Rum Festival 2015

Barbados is fast becoming not only a traveller’s paradise but also a foodie hotspot! Being known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean there are so many local dishes and experimental delights to try on your visit, you could eat somewhere deliciously different for every meal!

As November approaches, excitement in Barbados builds. Not only is it the month in which the island celebrates independence, it's also when they welcome top international chefs to our shores for the annual Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival! Last weekend visitors to the festival were treated to several days of the very best international cuisine and cooking demonstrations.

The festival is designed to tantalize the taste buds, while offering a variety of other colourful and flavourful experiences to stimulate the other senses as well. Experience a sophisticated, high-quality and upscale celebration of gastronomic art, featuring acclaimed international & local chefs, wine experts and mixologists.

Of course with Barbados being the birthplace of rum, no epicurean festival would be complete without this local spirit. See what goes into making the perfect Barbados Rum Punch and explore where we've been creating some of the world's finest rums for over 350 years!

Here are some pictures to tantalize your tastebuds and give you a flavour of the festival (sorry for the pun)!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Oliver Messel - Barbados Properties

A 'Messel' Property

Oliver Messel was an English born artist who originally specialised in stage design, but went on to transform luxurious properties in Barbados into masterpieces without formal architectural training.

Spending the last 12 years of his life on the island, the warmth and vibrancy seemed to encourage his imagination. Establishing his new career he designed and created nine signature houses in Barbados.

He first visited Barbados with friends in 1959 when Fustic House was his favourite property, which he re-designed in his distinctive style to create an elegant family home, and is now said to be 'one of the jewels of the Caribbean'.

The properties that he transformed, use all the trademarks of his theatrical design, such as white on white interior splashed with bright spots of colour. Another architect has described his work as 'converting ordinary houses into wonderlands'.

His creative ingenuity was evident throughout his career, and he is remembered as one of Britain's most talented stage designers.

Leamington Pavilion and Fustic house, both designed by Oliver Messel are just two beautiful properties amongst our vast luxury property portfolio!
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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Elegant Address Luxury Property Group Wins Another Prestigious Award!

On Friday, 23rd October, Elegant Address Luxury Property Group were shortlisted as regional finalists to the Forward Ladies Women In Business Awards 2015 for the North West of England and the Isle of Man in the 'SME Emerging Business Of The Year’ category.

We were incredibly to win the title of 'SME Emerging Business Of The Year 2015' which is a fantastic accolade in this highly competitive category, against such an inspiring collection of women. The team had a wonderful time at the awards in Manchester and have now qualified into the National Finals which are in Leeds next month.

Last year, at the prestigious ceremony, our Managing Director Suzan Thompson, won two outstanding awards at the ceremony including Property Business Woman of the Year and the overall Business Woman Of the Year 2014 for the whole of the North West. 

The WIBAs, now in its sixth year, has become one of the most high profile and respected accolades for women recognising their enormous contribution to the economy and acknowledges start-ups to multi-million pound companies.

We would like to say a big thank you to the Forward Ladies judges and organisers of the event, we had a fabulous time! We would also like to take a moment to say we are hugely proud of our dedicated, professional team of ladies who deliver the highest level of personal service and knowledge to every client, and have a true passion for their work and areas we offer. Congratulations to the team and bring on the nationals!

We made a short celebratory video of our MD collecting the award at the Forward Ladies Awards.

If you would like our award winning team to find you THE address in Barbados, European Alps or The South Of France we can offer the very best, luxury villa rentals and hotels in the region. With exclusive, VIP access and concierge services, we offer our clients a tailor-made luxury holiday rental experience.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Barbados Chocolate Festival

January 29 - 30  2016

Who doesn't love chocolate? 
Having a whole festival dedicated to it is genius. 
 Sampling chocolates, pastries and sweets appeals to the whole family. 
What a perfect excuse to indulge in deliciousness.

Dedicating activities for children, and an evening with chocolate and wine for the adults,
this festival is only in it's second year yet it's already an extremely a popular event!

Over the dates they cover workshops, seminars, competitions and demonstrations and more importantly a lot of CHOCOLATE! 

The festival is for chocolatiers, bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners in Barbados, the Caribbean, or around the world. 

The two days are packed with culinary delights, and is perfect to taste, learn and appreciate the passion these professionals all share.

A chocolate lovers dream and heaven.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Elegant Address Barbados Guide: The Perfect Rum Punch

This week we have been perfecting our Barbados Rum Punch recipe (hard life eh?) so that you can enjoy a little taste of the Caribbean in the comfort of your own home or to impress your friends this weekend. Below is a very easy, quick and fool proof recipe, enjoy!


1 cup White Rum (Barcadi)
1/2 cup Mount Gay Rum (the older the better!)
1/4 cup Malibu rum
2 1/2 cups Pinapple juice
2 1/2 cups Orange juice
1 Freshly squeezed lime
3 tbsp grenadine syrup

Optional extras:
Dash of Bitters
Grated Nutmeg


- Combine all the ingredients in a large jug and fill up with ice cubes.
- Stir well and top with soda water if you don’t want it to be too strong.
- Garnish with pineapple slices or a glazed cherry

Simple and delicious!

Now sit back, relax, take a sip and imagine yourself on the white sandy beaches of Barbados....Or if you want to make that dream come true our dedicated Barbados specialists today would be delighted to help! Call today on +44 (0)1244 629963 or take a look at our incredible villas and hotels here: http://elegant-barbados.com/

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Elegant Address Barbados - Our top packing hacks!

Packing, if done wrong, can be the most stressful part of your holiday. We have compiled our tried and tested, top packing hacks that will save you space, frustration and time which could be better spent out in the sun!

Here are our top five packing hacks:
1. Don’t fold…roll! 

It’s a common mistake we make when we are trying to cramp in all of our holiday clothes but folding your holiday wear actually takes up more room than if you roll them up it.

2. Glasses case for chargers 

No doubt you have bought some fabulous new sunglasses to take away with you on your exciting trip away. A great tip to keep your chargers protected, tidy and easy to find is by placing them in an old sunglasses case.

3. Cotton wool to protect powder makeup

The horror of opening up your brand new compact you bought especially for your holiday to find a rubble of powder and dust can be heart-breaking...and very messy! Top keep your makeup crack free place a cotton wool pad or ball on the inside to form a cushioned layer.

4. Save yourself from shampoo spillage

There’s nothing worse than arriving on holiday and opening your case to a shampoo or sunscreen explosion! A very cheap and quick travel hack is to place a tight layer of cling film/wrap under the lid and over the nozzle of any shampoo, moisturiser or sun cream to avoid any damage or soggy clothes.

5. No more tangled jewelry!

There is nothing more fustrating than trying to untagle a ball of necklaces from the bottom of your case, even if you keep them in the side pocket! The best way to keep your beautiful accessories separate and safe is to use an inexpensive pill container. You can even organise which necklace for each outfit for the week!


Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Famous Crop Over Festival Starts Today!

What is ‘Crop Over’ Festival?

Beautiful costumes, big smiles and bursting with colour!
Crop over is Barbados’, and arguably the Caribbean’s, biggest and most popular festival. Bursting with colour, dancing and music this festival really is full of life and is a highlight of the summer. This momentous celebrations origins trace back to the 1780s, a time when Barbados was the World’s largest producer of sugar.

The festival attracts thousands of visitors to dance through the streets
There was always a huge party at the end of the sugar season to mark the culmination of another successful sugar cane harvest – Crop Over! Unfortunately during the 1940’s the sugar industry in Barbados declined and the festival along with it, terminating completely.

However, Crop Over was revived in 1974, bigger than ever to include other elements of Bajan culture to create a more extravagant celebration which now attracts thousands of people from all around the World. 

Barbados born Rihanna attends every year

To read more about the dates, events and traditions visit www.barbados.org

Friday, 24 July 2015

5 ''Must Do’s'' In Barbados

Number 1 – Hire a Car

At 21 miles long, and 14 miles wide, it’s not difficult to find a way around this beautiful island, however the best way to travel in Barbados is by car, this allows you to take in the spectacular, unspoilt natural beauty, and if you get lost, you can always ask the friendly locals – they’re very accommodating.

Number 2 – Snorkel

With crystal clear waters, and plenty to see it’s the perfect place to go snorkelling. Tropical fish, turtles and colourful corals, the calm waters along the western coastline are particularly perfect. For those who aren’t water babies, you don’t have to go far beneath the waves to explore the ocean. 

Number 3 – Rum Punch

The saying in Barbados is;
1 part sour
2 parts sweet
3 of strong
4 of weak
Be sure to taste the islands’ delicious rum punch. You won’t be disappointed. It tastes so good, you often forget what you’re drinking!

Number 4 – Wildlife Reserve

Visit The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, it gives you a unique opportunity to stroll free watching the animals in their natural environment. The Green Monkeys are a very popular attraction, as they are undeniably cute, with a brown greyish colour they have highlights of yellow and green which makes their overall appearance green. Here you will see various animals from birds to reptiles, it’s perfect with the whole family, in particular children!

Number 5 - The National Dish

Try Barbados’ national dish; cou cou and flying fish, is a local delicacy. The fish is rolled and stewed down in a delicious gravy with herbs, tomatoes, garlic, onions and butter. Cou cou is made with yellow corn meal with finely chopped okras, water and butter. Barbadians love their food, this is displayed in there wonderfully unique dishes. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Elegant Address Barbados Travel Guide: How to Beat Jetlag

Jetlag: A disturbed sleep pattern, weakness and disorientation caused by travelling.
For those who are worried about it ruining the first few days of their dream long haul trip, don’t worry we have created a helpful guide for before and during your travels to help hugely reduce the effects of jetlag.

Before you travel

Change your sleep routine – People with rigid schedules suffer the most with jetlag. It’s best to be prepared and start getting your body used to gentle changes in sleep instead of a large leap. If you are travelling east go to bed earlier and if you’re headed west go to bed later.

Be smart with your flights – Get two holidays in one! Try to find a mid-way stopover as this will give your body more time to adjust and adapt. If this is inconvenient, plan your flights so you arrive in daylight since you will feel more like staying awake and fitting in with your new schedule.

On the flight

Avoid taking advantage of the trolley – As tempting as it is to start your holiday on the plane by taking advantage of mini bar trolley, the effect of alcohol at altitude increases tiredness and dehydration which will have a knock on effect to your arrival. If you are due to land at night also avoid caffeine drinks such as coffee, cola and energy drinks and instead drink plenty of water or camomile tea.

Create a sleep environment – Try to give yourself the best chance of getting to sleep by making sure you pack an eye mask and ear plugs to block out any distractions on the flight. Regular exercise during the day may also help you get to sleep later, but make sure you don’t exercise too late in the evening.

When you arrive

Anchor sleep - Try to get as much sleep in every 24 hours as you normally would. A minimum block of four hours’ sleep during the local night – known as “anchor sleep” – is thought to be necessary to help you adapt to a new time zone. If possible, make up the total sleep time by taking naps during the day.

Natural light - The cycle of light and dark is one of the most important factors in setting the body’s internal clock. Exposure to daylight at the destination will usually help you adapt to the new time zone faster. Shouldn’t be too difficult to keep to this rule whilst you’re sunbathing!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Five most fabulous places to dine in Barbados

Barbados is famous for many things; its rich culture, deep history and of course its delicious cuisine. Some even argue it offers the best food in the Caribbean! Hundreds of restaurants populate this small island, each with their own signature style from delicious local seafood to important delicacies.

The Cliff – St James

The Cliff is the most well-known and luxurious (and expensive at $75 per head minimum) restaurant in Barbados, making it a celebrity favourite. The price of your meal becomes a distant memory when you see the unbeatable open-air setting on a coral clifftop above a small cove on the west coast. Unsurprisingly, this incredible setting has place The Cliff at the top of the "most romantic restaurants in the world' list, particularly when the moon-illuminated sea sparkles under a starry sky.
Whilst enjoying the breath taking views and scenery you will enjoy an excellent selection of dishes and an impressive wine list that will excite even the most particular guests. Take your pick from a delicious international menu with dishes from Italy, Thailand, France and of course the Caribbean, all to the highest standard.

Lone Star

This ex-petrol station may not look like much from the entrance, but much like an oyster…looks can be deceiving until you look inside!  With its close proximity to the sea, polished floor boards and bright nautical colour scheme makes this a charm filled, dining location.
Lone star has gathered quite a following and will be thriving with people at dinner time, especially with creative guests from the media and theatre. Dining with ocean-front setting doesn’t get much better than this. Take your time perusing the menu with surprising combinations of influences from all of the globe including India, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Diner’s favourites include crispy aromatic duck, lamb shank in basic mash and the fresh tuna tartar.

Cin Cin By The Sea – Saint James

In less than four years, Cin Cin has become one of Barbados’ best restaurants; being equally as popular as The Cliff. Sip delicious cocktails at the bar yet trendy interiors before relaxing in the open air dining beside the crystal blue ocean, making Cin Cin of the islands finest seafood hotspots!
Cin Cin could have been transplanted straight from Miami's South Beach, although its laidback Bajan ambience prevents the glitz from ever spilling over into pretentiousness. What's more, the food more than lives up to its swish surroundings.
Open for lunch and dinner, if you’re peckish, you could spend a sunny afternoon enjoying the view with nibbles and cocktails or indulge in their infamously delightful dishes.  The creative menu takes its cue from both Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine. Jumbo crab cakes with pickled mango, seared yellow fin tuna, fresh king scallops and spiced Atlantic salmon in a citrus banana butter all take their place next to inventive Italian pastas and classic Provençal flavours.


This beautiful Italian restaurant next to The House hotel, is a firm favourite with repeat visitors and remains an institution in Barbados dining. This is the Caribbean sister to London’s Daphne’s in South Kensington meaning there is no question of its exquisite food and level of service. The kitchen is led by Chef Marco Festini Cromer, who creates exciting, contemporary dishes with lesser known local specialities which has won him a loyal following of fans…Pickled green banana anyone?

Starters range from classic Italian antipasto, fish carpaccio, and artichoke and asparagus salad with crumbled blue cheese, to shrimp piri-piri and fish soup. The extensive selection continues with a choice of homemade pastas and risottos, grilled meats and fish, and exceptional main plates such as blackened mahi mahi with peperonata, baked red snapper or stewed tiger shrimp with borlotti beans. With ‘Wine Connoisseur’ night offer a large discount of selected wines and champagne, you can’t possibly resist!


Scarlet bills itself as the best place to eat, drink, and play in Barbados. From the outside, this small chattel house will make you double take as it beckons you from the road with its wonderful colours and fabulous disco ball adorning mini porte-cochere.

Scarlet’s interior décor is an offbeat and quirky version of true Hollywood glamour. This is definitely a place to be dressed up and bring a camera! The restaurant has earned a reputation as the before-and-after-dinner watering hole of Barbados’s chic, but anyone making the pilgrimage really should stay for dinner and dessert. This unique, lively restaurant has an excellent selection of international dishes on the menu, it certainly lives up to its claims. The dinner menu, aptly named ‘Hunger’, manages to be unique yet, Caribbean, and most items are served as ‘Little Dishes’, tapas-sized portions ideal for sharing.