Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Oliver Messel - Barbados Properties

A 'Messel' Property

Oliver Messel was an English born artist who originally specialised in stage design, but went on to transform luxurious properties in Barbados into masterpieces without formal architectural training.

Spending the last 12 years of his life on the island, the warmth and vibrancy seemed to encourage his imagination. Establishing his new career he designed and created nine signature houses in Barbados.

He first visited Barbados with friends in 1959 when Fustic House was his favourite property, which he re-designed in his distinctive style to create an elegant family home, and is now said to be 'one of the jewels of the Caribbean'.

The properties that he transformed, use all the trademarks of his theatrical design, such as white on white interior splashed with bright spots of colour. Another architect has described his work as 'converting ordinary houses into wonderlands'.

His creative ingenuity was evident throughout his career, and he is remembered as one of Britain's most talented stage designers.

Leamington Pavilion and Fustic house, both designed by Oliver Messel are just two beautiful properties amongst our vast luxury property portfolio!
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