Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Famous Crop Over Festival Starts Today!

What is ‘Crop Over’ Festival?

Beautiful costumes, big smiles and bursting with colour!
Crop over is Barbados’, and arguably the Caribbean’s, biggest and most popular festival. Bursting with colour, dancing and music this festival really is full of life and is a highlight of the summer. This momentous celebrations origins trace back to the 1780s, a time when Barbados was the World’s largest producer of sugar.

The festival attracts thousands of visitors to dance through the streets
There was always a huge party at the end of the sugar season to mark the culmination of another successful sugar cane harvest – Crop Over! Unfortunately during the 1940’s the sugar industry in Barbados declined and the festival along with it, terminating completely.

However, Crop Over was revived in 1974, bigger than ever to include other elements of Bajan culture to create a more extravagant celebration which now attracts thousands of people from all around the World. 

Barbados born Rihanna attends every year

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