Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Turtles of Barbados

Barbados is home to many cheeky wildlife characters each bringing an element of culture to the island. One such animal is the Sea turtle with four kinds of turtle visiting Barbados every year they are a favourite amongst island visitors.

The shores of Barbados offer guests amazing Seafari tours you can snorkel and experience the life of the turtle’s up close or sunbathe and capture some brilliant images of the turtles whilst on the powerboat.

Green Turtle

The shores of Barbados provide the perfect nesting ground for the Green Turtle which will occasionally hatch and nest on the island for several years. Witnessing the turtle nesting season is incredible as you watch nature take its toll, delivering the tiny baby turtles to the current of the Atlantic Ocean where they will travel for miles and miles until they eventually, many years later return to Barbados to nest themselves.

Hawksbill Turtle

As an endangered sea turtle these are looked after closely on the exotic island of Barbados, the turtles do not grow as large as others and when they are young they have a heart shaped shell which elongates as they age. Nesting on exotic beaches Barbados is a brilliant location for the Hawksbill. 

Leatherback Turtle

One of the most breath taking views when snorkelling this larger turtle will truly make you gasp and will remain as a fantastic memory. The turtles can grow up to 220cm and travel at a speed of up to 10.1km/h. This is a memory you will want to collect! 

Loggerhead Turtle

To the East or South side of the island of Barbados you may see the Loggerhead turtle as an Oceanic reptile this turtle enjoys being in the Atlantic Ocean and will travel to the Caribbean to nest. The Loggerhead prefers a coastal habitat and can grow up to three feet. 

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