Monday, 27 October 2014

The best Golfing resorts

Do you ever want to have some time to yourself relaxing on a pristine beach looking out across the dazzling sea or unwinding in a Luxury spa, but cannot find a place that provides for both men and women or all of the family? Well look no further the exotic island paradise of Barbados has luxury spas, white sandy beaches and amazing shopping opportunities as well as highly exclusive golf resorts, so you can sit back and relax as the men of the group enjoy a day’s golfing on some of the world’s best courses.

Home to the prestigious Sandy Lane Hotel this renowned elegant resort offers a fantastic range of golfing opportunities, equipped with three courses you will defiantly want to be part of this golf club.

Green Monkey

Named after the cheeky little Green Monkeys of Barbados this prestigious golf course is one of the most exclusive in the Caribbean, offering a 72 par, 7,343 yard set on the Sandy Lane Estate with glimpses of the Caribbean Sea and beneath the glistening sun.

Although if you want to play here you will have to stay here as the course is highly exclusive, so contact us today to find out more information - +44 (0) 12037 57 66 09

Old Nine

Since 1961 this famous golf course has offered visitors to Barbados 3,345 yards, par 36 of brilliant golf course. The lined fairway provides an intimate and demanding game. Set within the Sandy Lane Estate this is a popular course.

Country Club

Boasting 72 par, 7,060-yard of immaculate fairways and beautiful lakes this course was designed with a golfer in mind. With the amazing backdrop of the Caribbean Sea you will want to play here every day.

With a prominent spot on the Sandy Lane Estate the Country Club is a fine restaurant to enjoy a light bite to eat or a cold beverage on the patio overlooking the golf course. 

Rated one of the top golfing courses boasting a par 72 championship playing ground amidst tropical landscape. As one of the best Caribbean golf courses Royal Westmoreland is fully equipped with practice green, club house and much more.

Apes Hill

Opened in 2009 at almost 1,000 feet above Sea Level the views from this 7,150 yard, par 72 golf course are simply breath-taking. Prices for a game on this amazing 18-hole course start from $170 per game.

For further information regarding the golf courses of Barbados contact Elegant Address Barbados today, and end the best day of golfing you have ever had in one of our Luxury top Barbados properties. Contact the Barbados experts today via +44 (0) 1244 62 99 63 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Turtles of Barbados

Barbados is home to many cheeky wildlife characters each bringing an element of culture to the island. One such animal is the Sea turtle with four kinds of turtle visiting Barbados every year they are a favourite amongst island visitors.

The shores of Barbados offer guests amazing Seafari tours you can snorkel and experience the life of the turtle’s up close or sunbathe and capture some brilliant images of the turtles whilst on the powerboat.

Green Turtle

The shores of Barbados provide the perfect nesting ground for the Green Turtle which will occasionally hatch and nest on the island for several years. Witnessing the turtle nesting season is incredible as you watch nature take its toll, delivering the tiny baby turtles to the current of the Atlantic Ocean where they will travel for miles and miles until they eventually, many years later return to Barbados to nest themselves.

Hawksbill Turtle

As an endangered sea turtle these are looked after closely on the exotic island of Barbados, the turtles do not grow as large as others and when they are young they have a heart shaped shell which elongates as they age. Nesting on exotic beaches Barbados is a brilliant location for the Hawksbill. 

Leatherback Turtle

One of the most breath taking views when snorkelling this larger turtle will truly make you gasp and will remain as a fantastic memory. The turtles can grow up to 220cm and travel at a speed of up to 10.1km/h. This is a memory you will want to collect! 

Loggerhead Turtle

To the East or South side of the island of Barbados you may see the Loggerhead turtle as an Oceanic reptile this turtle enjoys being in the Atlantic Ocean and will travel to the Caribbean to nest. The Loggerhead prefers a coastal habitat and can grow up to three feet. 

The wildlife of Barbados really is a natural beauty to be held, and is possible with Elegant Address Barbados. When booking your Luxury Villa Rental on this fantastic Caribbean island you should make the most of our concierge service which will ensure that any request is met. To experience our brilliant service and exceptional properties contact us today via +44 (0) 2037 57 66 09

Monday, 13 October 2014

Luxury Regions in Barbados Cont...

The Parish of St Peter

In the North of Barbados you will discover the beautiful Saint Peter.  This area offers visitors a more authentic, cultural and rural landscape offering a traditionally prestigious atmosphere. Staying in this stunning region you will be surrounded by lush green hills, sugar cane fields, small vibrant villages and copious amounts of exciting attractions to keep you entertained and captivated throughout your stay.

St Peter has a prime position on the island due to its access to the pristine white sands of the Platinum Coast and its many unique attractions such as Mullins Bay, Speightstown and Port of St Charles. This location offers something unique to suit every individual in a group of friends or family. One of the most famous and beautiful attractions is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve; providing a once in a life time excursion to discover the tropical rainforest that is filled with exotic wildlife which includes the native rare Green monkeys who roam free in this scenic and sensational area of the Island. A day in the reserve is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable memory to take away with you, on your incredible experience of this magnificent Caribbean Island.

The Parish of Saint Peter is home to some of the most Luxury villas and hotels on the Island. Highlights of which include the Palazzate, Schooner Bay and St Peter Bay. Along with these acclaimed properties there is also a brand new, prestigious and exclusive luxury development in Port St Charles. Port St Charles offers only the top selection of high end and impressively contemporary Apartments, surrounded by stunning clear emerald waters, where visitors are able to moor their boats outside the front door, in keeping with the private and peaceful setting of your own piece of paradise.

Situated in a sun drenched elevated location on the island is the Royal Westmoreland Estate; providing awe-inspiring sea views of the stunningly calm Caribbean Sea.  Here you will find a collection of Luxury Royal Villas set in 500 acres of unmatched tranquil scenery, this is a well-known golf estate which offers world-class runways and is ranked as one of the best in the world.
This is the perfect resort for those who are searching for a spacious and bright colonial style property that is indulgently close to a large range of activities, restaurants shops and beaches, yet far enough away to have your own private sanctuary filled with trtranquility

The Platinum Coast is a just a short drive away, where you will be greeted by the stunning white sands and crystal blue waters of the soothing Caribbean Sea, where you can relax  from everyday life and unwind on one of the most superior and exclusive  beaches in the world.

Situated on the Platinum Coast is the stunning SugarHill Estate; here you will discover uniquely beautiful and exquisite properties, incredible water sports opportunities such as surfing at the world famous soup bowl where surfers from all over the world come to compete or snorkelling in the clear waters of the inviting Caribbean Sea filled with exciting shipwrecks, reefs and tropical fish. This impressively luxurious Estate offers truly breathe taking views from some of the most superb villas on the Island.  Most of the Villas have their own swimming pools and exotic garden space; you will never want to leave your paradise home away from home.

Elegant Address Barbados pride ourselves in providing clients with a unrivaled professional and bespoke service. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and you will immediately receive your very own personal Barbados specialist via +44 (0) 1244 62 99 63 or + (0) 2037 57 66 09. We look forward and await your call to help you find your perfect luxury holiday rental or purchase, creating a tailor made experience to suit your every desire and requirement when visiting the incredibly beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Introducing the Elegant Address Barbados Areas

Here at Elegant Address Barbados we only bring our discerning clients a portfolio that is filled with the most Luxurious and sought after properties in the world. As we know, from our 10 years specialising in the property industry our clients only desire the highest levels of service, exclusivity and most magnificent properties in the most enchanting areas in Barbados.  

When choosing our luxury areas on the exotic Caribbean Island of Barbados, we worked tirelessly to develop a strict list of criteria, ensuring that all of the areas we showcase to our clients were not only in the most beautiful location, but also only providing the highest level of luxury accommodation and professional service to make your visit to Barbados truly memorable. This enrapturing Island will be a place you will want to visit time and time and again. We have first-hand experience in visiting all of our locations as well as very strong local knowledge. Let us take you through the exciting, beautiful, vibrant regions of this Caribbean paradise.

 The Parish of St James or ‘Little England’ as it is also known is located on the West Coast of the sophisticated Island paradise that is Barbados. This prestigious region is famously known for being a hotspot with celebrities as well as some of the world’s most influential and powerful people. St James’ coastline is very aptly named the ‘Platinum Coast’ due to its incredible white sandy beaches, sophisticated luxury accommodation, shops, restaurants and of course it high profile visitors.  What makes this area truly special are the beautiful surroundings with traditional settings and tranquil green rolling hills. When enjoying a relaxing stroll along the famous ‘Platinum Coast’, you will be truly amazed by the phenomenally awe-inspiring beachfront mansions, exclusive beach clubs and incredible restaurants for you to enjoy, dotted along the pristine white sands exquisite clear emerald waters.

This divine Caribbean Island, particularly St James, is filled with culture, entertainment and adventure. There are endless activities, trips and sights to be explored as well as some hotspots to treat yourself on your dream holiday with an array of professional luxury spas and the prestigious shopping mall of Limegrove.  Limegrove a premium shopping experience and indulgent culinary delights; you will find yourself in a chic, retail haven offering the latest in exclusive, high-end fashion.

For those who travel to experience the rural cultural elements of the world, the region of St James is home to a rich history. Holetown in St James was the initial claim of Barbados under the reign of King James and in turn this is how this prestigious area gained its name. This incredible region is a place full of history that will keep you intrigued and leave you truly inspired throughout your stay. Today the Parish of St James is the most sought after luxurious part of the island due to its highly exclusive range of properties.

Sandy Lane is located in St James to the West of Barbados, close to the tranquil Caribbean Sea; Sandy Lane is the epitome of prestigious hotels. This breathe taking hotel cannot be described any less than world class due to the levels of high class service, sophistication of the accommodation and its substantially acclaimed amenities including the exclusive and desirable Sandy Lane beach.

This highly esteemed hotel was originally one of Barbados’ famous sugar plantations,  the renowned Sandy Lane Hotel opened its doors in 1961 introducing to the world the 112 luxury rooms and 22 exclusive suites, bars, exquisite restaurants, golf courses and indulgent spa. A highlight when staying at Sandy Lane is the exclusive access to the incredible Green Monkey Golf Course. This is one of the most famous Golf Courses in the world. With the luscious, brightly coloured surroundings of natural Caribbean beauty, dramatic landscape design and glorious weather conditions, whilst playing a round golf with friends or family you will find yourself lost in the paradise on one of the most exclusive golf courses on the globe.

Sandy Lane provides much more than just the world prestigious hotel, there are also a number of highly exclusive luxury private villas throughout the Estate. Elegant Address Barbados are proud and excited to be able to provide our wonderful clients with the opportunity to rental  one of these sought after, and acclaimed Villas whether it’s for a very special celebration, romantic private getaway or just for a truly luxurious holiday experience.

For information on our luxury resorts keep an eye out for next week’s blog or contact our luxury property consultants and receive your very own presentation of Luxury properties on the exotic island. Contact Us via +44 (0) 2037 57 66 09