Monday, 18 January 2016

There's No Such Thing As Monday Blues In Barbados!

Is Blue Monday taking it's toll? This time of year can be tough whilst living in the dark, drizzly never ending Winter months. It’s time to get awaywarm up and get your smile back. That’s where we come in!

There is no such thing as Blue Monday in Barbados. The only ‘blues’ you will find on this incredible island are the clear emerald waters and the bright, cloudless skies filled with sunshine!

Make this year the year you treat yourself or family to the trip of a lifetime filled with unforgettable happy memories. Let us start planning your trip to the happiest place in the Caribbean, famous for being laid-back and carefree!

This post is to help cheer up, feel inspired and get excited about your holiday as you take a look at all the beautiful sights and amazing activities that are guaranteed melt away all the stress and worries of everyday life. 

Ten Ways Barbados Will Put A Smile On Your Face

1. The Beaches

Barbados beaches are truly legendary. With pure white sand, palm trees and a welcoming gentle sea breeze, there is no better place to lie back and relax whilst getting some well earned rest and vitamin C. It's also perfect for building epic sandcastles and playing a spot of beach cricket with the locals!

2. The Sea

No-one can resist falling in love with the emerald clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.
The perfect temperature - not too warm, not too cold - it's the perfect place to cool off
and have some fun! Enjoy a range of activities such as paddle-boarding, kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, diving and the world class surfing at the Soup Bowl on the East coast.

3. The People

Bajan people some are of the friendliest and most welcoming people you will ever meet, they never fail to put a smile on your face and will make your holiday truly memorable. Whether they teach you their famously relaxed, laid back way of life or are partying with you till the early hours - island style, you will meet some of the most incredible people and make friends for life.

4. The Food

Fresh, creative and full of flavour - Barbados has fast become a foodie paradise. 
Whether you enjoy cultural treats such as flying fish cutters with macaroni pie or prefer
michelin style food served by some of the best chefs in the World, Barbados has it all. For those who love keeping it local we recommend Oistin's Fish Fry and for a special occasion there's no better place than the famous Cliff. 

5. The Wildlife

Barbados is an island that is full of life in more ways than one! Make lasting memories as you explore the rainforests, visit the monkey reserve and watch turtles hatching on the beach. Why not experience diving for the first time over the ship wrecks or simply snorkle on the reef surrounded by colourful fish - There are so many beautiful animals to see in their natural habitats.
6. The Colours

One observation you will see all over the Caribbean island is the amazing colours day and night. As you drive around and explore you will see homes painted every colour of the rainbow, stunning tropical flowers amongst the green filled landscape and of course the painted sky at night with breathe-taking sunsets. Always have your camera ready!

7. The Scenery

The island is home to both beautiful and dramatic landscape with the changing scenery across the island. On the West Coast you will find calm, clear waters, groomed beaches and busy towns and villages and on the East coast the wavy pacific ocean, lush rain-forests and grassy hillsides. There is definitely plenty of exploring to be done!

8. The Way of Life

One of the many reasons to visit Barbados is to slow down, rejuvenate and let the stress of everyday life melt away. You will soon learn the famously laid back way of life, becoming almost horizontal as you enjoy relaxing by the sea, amazing food, drinks and great company...what else could you ask for?!

9. The Rum

Oh how we love Barbados rum...and you will too! Barbados is home to the oldest and some of the most famous rum in the World. Happy hour is everyone's favourite hour of the day with perfectly blended rum punches, mojitos and other delights. There is no better way to celebrate a holiday than enjoying (fairly responsibly!) the local delights as you lay on the beach or watching the sun setting from your balcony. 

10. The Places To Stay

Of course, we couldn't make a list of our favourite things about Barbados without talking about our true passion...Amazing properties! There are so many breathetaking places to stay, from the the traditional colonial style houses to the modern, beachfront villas - We will find your perfect holiday property.

Whether you prefer staying at a prestigious golf and spa resort or a luxury private villa with sea views and staff - Elegant Address Barbados have over 26 years experience on the island and can offer our clients the largest and most exclusive portfolio of luxury villas and apartments to rent and buy.

To start your search today, send us a message at
 or call 01244 629963 (UK) where you will be assigned your very own personal Barbados Specialist who is dedicated to planning the perfect, unforgettable, tailor made holiday rental experience for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and creating your dream Caribbean holiday. 

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