Thursday, 5 January 2017

Our Favourite Things To Do On The Island

This is the time where we'll see lots of celebrities posting pictures making us all insanely jealous while they are soaking up some Caribbean sunshine.....

You may be wondering what else the island of Barbados has to offer other than beautiful blue waters and soft white sand, so here are just a few of our favourite things to do whilst on the Platinum Coast.......

1. Swim with turtles

Looking at Barbados from a different perspective... 
If you love turtles like we do, then you wont want to miss out on the opportunity to swim with them! It's a great activity for the whole family, it's best booked with a catamaran cruise (which is next on our list!) Barbados is very proud of their marine environment, the turtles are monitored under the Barbados Sea Turtle Project for their protection, so tourists are encouraged to treat them with great respect.

2. Catamaran cruise

 Image Provided by the Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc

What better way to explore the island than on a Catamaran? A wonderful day out, and a perfect opportunity to soak up the sunshine. it's inclusive of drinks, food and snorkeling equipment, what more could we want? If you'd prefer a more relaxing trip take a romantic cruise of an evening and enjoy the sunset. Companies including, Cool Runnings and Tiami Catamaran Cruises offer these fabulous experiences! 

3. Harrisons Cave

In the heart of Barbados is Harrisons Cave - a beautiful limestone cavern. 
There are numerous ways to explore the cave, you can take a tour via a tram, where a tour guide will point out various structures,clear streams and stunning waterfalls, and if you wish, you can choose to step off for a closer look, or you can take the walk in option, whichever you decide its a memorable experience! 

4. Mount Gay Rum tour

Spending the day tasting rum, perfect! 
The Mount Gay Visitor Experience is located in Bridgetown, where there are 5 different tours you can choose from, ranging from food pairing, to cocktails. You get to experience the history of Mount Gay Rum, Barbados' most celebrated spirit whilst enjoying it at the same time - definitely worth a visit. 

5. Wildlife Reserve

Adorable animals in their natural habitat! 
Unlike a zoo, visitors have a unique opportunity to wander freely, whilst watching the animals as they eat and play, in their natural sanctuary. The islands famous Green Monkey's in particular are popular in the afternoon, at feeding time which is around 2pm, you'll also see an array of animals, including peacocks, deer, land turtles and tropical birds.  We could easily spend a couple of hours here, so are sure you could too, especially if you're taking young children they will love it! (Do resist temptation to feed or touch them though, they are wild animals and could defend themselves if they feel threatened)  

The list for us is endless, but these are our top 5! 

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